A Guide on Horse Cremation

One of the best send-offs you can give your horse is cremating his or her remains. This excerpt provides a few tips to people seeking horse cremation services. Finding a pet crematorium Conduct an online search on pet crematoriums in your area. Alternatively, you can ask your vet to refer you to such facilities. Physically visit the crematorium and ensure that it is fit for your pet. The crematorium should have relevant licenses from the health department and local council. [Read More]

Four Tips To Reduce Separation Anxiety When Dogs Are Staying At A Boarding Kennel

The next few months are a busy time for families who like to travel over summer. With children out of school and many businesses closing for the Christmas break, family pets need alternative methods of care over this time. As someone who has a dog booked into a boarding kennel, you know you need to address the issue of their separation anxiety before your travel day arrives. There are a few things you can do to help your pooch have a good time while they're at the kennel, and here are four tips that you could put to good use. [Read More]